Parler’s attorneys team said in a court document filed on Friday that Parler President John Matzi and his family are in hiding due to death threats and breaches of personal security. Fox News TV has read their content.

Parler – an especially popular platform among supporters of US President Donald Trump and people preaching conspiracy theories regarding the QAnon movement – has begun an antitrust trial against Amazon. In the wake of the January 6 Capitol riots, the tech giant removed the website from its online platform on the grounds of “breaking the rules.” Earlier, Parler was removed from their online stores by Apple and Google.

Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon, believing the giant’s decision was driven by “political indecision” and wanted to stamp out competition in the microblogging platform space. Amazon responded that “these allegations are baseless” and said its employees have faced threats and harassment.

Documents submitted by Parler’s lawyers in court, and received by Fox News, stated that “Parler’s employees were similarly harassed and intimidated.” “Parler Chief Executive John Matzy Jr. (…) reported that many Parler employees suffer from harassment and hostility, fear for their own safety and that of their families, and in some cases have left their mandate to escape persecution.

“As the president of the company that AWS (Amazon Web Services – PAP) slandered, he was forced to leave his home and hide with his family after receiving death threats and breaching personal safety,” the document states.

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Earlier this week, Matzi spoke to Fox News about the threats as well as the measures he would take to protect his family. “There is a group (hackers – PAP) called UGNazi attacking me,” he said, adding that the group revealed many of his passwords and personal information on the Internet. He said, “They sent my address, and threatened to enter through the door of my house.”

He added that he usually did not take threats seriously, but this time he and his family went into hiding.