Policemen from the police department in Connecticut They were called to the L-84 route in TolandTo assist a vehicle with a flat tire. Immediately, it turned out in The car was former Polish President Lech Wałęsa.

As reported by the police on social media, Roadside assistance was provided, among other things, by an officer from Poland. Police officer Łukasz librett He had the opportunity to speak briefly with Wałęsa. As reported, they exchanged comments on the history of Poland. It was an extraordinary experience for Libert to meet the President Connecticut State Police reported.

at United States, why wasa Participate in Meetings on helping Ukrainian refugees stay in Poland.

In recent days, Lech Waiza spoke at the State Aviation Museum Connecticut Participate in a meeting with students from Franklin Pierce University.

research: Media: US intelligence does not provide all the information to the Ukrainians

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