There was a crew of four aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket, including actor William Shatner, best known from “Star Trek.” The 90-year-old has become the oldest person ever sent into space.

The missile was launched at 16.50 Polish time. The start was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but was postponed by a day due to strong winds.

This was News Shepard’s 18th mission and Blue Origin’s second manned flight.

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The rocket was launched from the Corn Ranch Spaceport in Texas. The flight took about 10 minutes. The rocket made a suborbital flight at an altitude of more than 100 km, thereby exceeding the imaginary limit of space.

During the flight, the passengers of the rocket spent about three minutes without weight. The crew returned safely to Earth in a parachute capsule.
The launch and flight of the missile can be watched on YouTube:

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