President Biden will express US concerns about Russia’s military presence on the border with Ukraine and reaffirm US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki wrote in a statement.

She added that other topics of conversation include: “Strategic stability, cyber and regional issues”. In turn, according to Moscow, the two leaders will talk about bilateral relations and the implementation of the agreements reached at the June summit in Geneva.

bilateral relations, Ukraine course and implementation of the agreements reached in Geneva These are the main items on the agenda, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

On Friday, Biden announced that he will hold ‘Long discussion’ with Putin About the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and that he will not accept the “red lines” of Russia. – We have known about Russia’s actions for a long time and I expect a long discussion with Putin – he told reporters.

Biden also announced that he is preparing a package of “initiatives” for a possible review Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be “very difficult”. In turn, Yuri Ushakov, adviser to the President of Russia for foreign policy, did not rule out that one of the topics of Putin’s talks with Biden would be the issue of guarantees that Russia will not expand NATO to the east.

The newspaper “Kommersant” was the first news about the date of the talks between the American and Russian leaders. The date of December 7 was then under consideration, but – as the newspaper announced at the time – the final decision on the date of the video conference had not yet been made. The American newspaper The Washington Post reported earlier that the conversation between Putin and Biden will take place online before the end of 2021.

On Thursday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blink met his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov In Stockholm, Russia demanded to withdraw its forces from the border with Ukraine. Lavrov replied that West “playing with fire”By refusing to have a voice on the further expansion of NATO into the former Soviet Union.

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