Thousands of New York City items and homes are lit up with Christmas and New Year lights. The most famous of these is the Christmas tree that attracts crowds from all over the world in the Rockefeller Center complex. There are also many streets, squares and alleys in the feast of light.

By January 16, more than 50,000 people will be burned at Rockefeller Center. Multicolored LED lights on the Christmas tree and the coronation of a Swarovski star encrusted with three million crystals. You can enjoy the lighting every day from 6pm until midnight.

In Bryant Park, New Yorkers admire the holiday lights as they glide across an ice rink to the rhythm of Christmas carols. They come with their whole family.

Over 40 blocks, Christmas trees glow on elegant Park Avenue, creating a captivating promenade after dark. This is accompanied by special light shows that also attract you with the sounds of Christmas carols. Occasional parties are organized by the exquisitely decorated brick church.

During the Christmas and New Year seasons, many streets change their faces, especially at night. Trees, shining stars, stylized snowflakes or garlands on lanterns and wires give a special charm to the surroundings. The lighted windows of the biggest magazines use elaborately designed Christmas themes to encourage shopping. They outperform each other in original projects, including such famous stores as Macy’s or Sax Fifth Avenue, which almost completely decorate the facade with massive ornaments.

Brilliant lights dazzle the exclusive Columbus Circle shopping center with massive stars and views of Central Park. Luxury brands also offer a full range of Christmas gifts.

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The owners of many private buildings are also inventive in making Christmas decorations, especially in residential neighborhoods. Some of them are limited to arranging scenes that sparkle in Christmas colors in front of the houses. and others, on all sides, richly decorate homes that shimmer with light from evening to morning.

Although carefully created and often expensive luminous decorations can be seen just about everywhere, New York’s absolutely gorgeous Festival of Lights presents Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights neighborhood. It allures pilgrims with its palette of colors and luminous decorations with the Holy Family, Santa Claus, snowmen and donkeys creating a wonderful glow around it. The illumination prepared for months has a stunning effect.

The Guinness World Record was once again broken by the family of Tim and Grace Guy of Lagrangeville, New York, in the category of largest residential offer. It impresses with an order of 600 thousand. From lights arranged in dance arrangement up to 250 Christmas carols and Christmas carols. With the help of charities, the couple raises money for local firefighters. In 2021, they raised more than $80,000.

During the holiday season, New York also offers occasional trips to decorated venues and facilities. They include, among others str. Patrick’s Day and attractive store offers. Within 3-4 hours, participants learn about the city’s Christmas traditions, and they can also go shopping in 45 minutes. Ticket costs $50.

While the city’s festive lighting season isn’t over yet, it culminated in a New Year’s Eve party in Times Square, glowing with advertising lights, including Christmas and New Year’s items. culminated in a fireworks display.

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Andrei Dobroolsky from New York