Although it has been 46 years since this event, it still evokes a lot of emotions. It was the largest mass kidnapping in US history.

The painful memories of the victims of those events are repeated, especially now, with one of the last of the kidnappers in prison, 70-year-old Frederick Newhall Woods may be released soon. According to the officers, the man was no longer a danger to society. The fate of the offender’s parole now rests with the governor of California.

The nightmare happened in July 15, 1976. On a beautiful sunny day, around 16 local time, School bus driver Frank Edward Ray was taking 26 children home – From 5 to 14 years old – from a trip to the pool in Chochilla. At one point, the road was blocked by a truck that jumped out Three armed men. The attackers overpowered the driver and left the bus. All the hostages have been collected in LivermoreMore than 150 km.

The children and the driver were hidden in a truck and buried a few meters from the roof. Victims of kidnapping describe temporary imprisonment as “A coffin with several mattresses, a wooden toilet and a small amount of foodWithin twelve hours or so, this place had turned into an inferno filled with a stench.

“There were times when we all thought we were dying,” Linda Carigo-Lapendera told CNN.

The kidnappers demanded a ransom of the amount 5 million dollars. However, they failed to implement the plan. Sixteen hours later The bus driver and the kids managed to escape from the trapWhile the kidnappers are sleeping.

thus Frederick Newhall Woods and associates – Richard And the James Schoenefeld has been arrested. According to investigators, the perpetrators kidnapped the children, similar to the movie “Dirty Harry”. He pushed the men to commit the crime. sentenced them to 27 eternal. One for each victim.

In 1980, the court decided to shorten the sentences for menTo give them a chance for parole. The late state judge William Newsom called for the three’s release in 2011, stating that no one was hurt in the kidnapping.

Richard Schoenefeld He was released on parole in 2012. Three years later his brother was released, James Schoenefeld. Frederick Woods He is the last of three prisoners to remain in prison.

This may change soon. This happened last week Eighteenth hear the parole of Woods.

The 70-year-old’s words convinced the interrogation authority so Has made a decision regarding the possibility of parole for Frederick Wood. Ultimately, this should be done within 120 days. But the California governor’s office said it was “carefully reviewing parole decisions to determine whether the release is in line with public safety.”

Many kidnapping victims as adults suffer from claustrophobiaAnd the afraid of the dark He has persistent nightmares.

I had nightmares where I saw someone kill me. I saw myself on my grave – Darla Neal, who was only 10 years old on the day of the kidnapping, said in an interview with CNN.

In 2016, the victims received a lawsuit against their kidnappers. The money was paid from the Frederick Woods Trust Although the exact amount was not disclosed, one survivor stated that each had received “enough to pay for the long and arduous treatment”.

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