Auburn University student Kyle Klinscalis was last seen on the night of January 27, 1976, leaving his hometown to head back to campus in his Ford Pinto. The 22-year-old never made it to the Alabama school and was never seen, nor the car, again.

Investigators searched for Kyle for 45 years. The hack came on Tuesday when someone called the emergency number saying there was a car in the river by the side of the road. The site is located a few miles down the road that Kyle Klinksales used to take from home to college. The car – a white Ford Pinto – was pulled out of the water.

According to American media, the license plates were checked in the system and it turned out that the car was registered in the name of a student who disappeared years ago. Although 45 years have passed, the police managed to find a wallet with credit cards and Kyle Clinkscales ID card inside.

There were also bones in the wreckage. Investigators have no doubt that these are the remains of a 22-year-old young man. They are being investigated by the Bureau of Investigation.

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The parents of a student who disappeared years ago have died, and unfortunately they are unable to find out what happened to their only son.

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Source: CNN