This is North Korea’s fifth missile test since the beginning of September. At the time, Pyongyang tested, among other things, a long-range missile, a missile launched from a railway platform, and a missile depicted as hypersonic.

In Seoul, the US special representative for North Korea, Sung Kim, called Pyongyang on Tuesday a “provocation” and called for an end to the “disturbing and fruitless” missile tests. “We hope the People’s Republic of Korea will respond positively to our communication efforts,” Kim said.

We urge North Korea to stop these provocations and other destabilizing activities and to engage in dialogue instead. We are ready to hold a meeting without preconditions and we have already made it clear that the United States has no hostile intentions toward the DPRK.

Despite international sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council, North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong-un has greatly enhanced its military capabilities. Pyongyang has conducted, inter alia, several successfully tested nuclear and ballistic missile tests capable of reaching the United States.

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