US President Joe Biden was invited to Warsaw. On Wednesday, the head of the Presidential Office of International Policy Jacob Komus told us that we are talking with the American side about whether and when the visit can take place.

Komoc was a guest on Wednesday on Polish Radio 3. When asked if there are any efforts to meet with the presidents of Poland and the United States, he replied that “President Biden is invited to Warsaw.” – I talked about it on Friday with my counterpart in the White House, who called him and asked to speak to him. We have covered a whole range of topics. He added that Secretary Bowie Solok, the head of the National Security Office, was also present.

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“Biden is a very rare host and meets leaders”

As he said, the talks are about “the circumstances of whether and when a US president’s visit to Poland can take place.” He added that the talks also concern the participation of President Andrej Duda in the World Summit for Democracy. This summit will be organized by the United States at the end of the year.

“However, please bear in mind that there is a pandemic and that political life is really, and diplomatic life has largely faded away,” Komush emphasized. According to him, “There have been no visits at all for several months, and President Biden is a very rare host and meets with leaders.”

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Biden is friendly and ‘do not have close personal relationships’

He also stressed that relations between Poland and the United States are allied. “Polish-American relations (…) are ally relations, and this is the most important partnership between us,” Komoc said. He said it was no secret that Presidents Duda and Trump, “in addition to being leaders of two of NATO’s most important allies, were just friends.” – That’s the truth, there are things like close relationships as well as personal ones – he added. – On the other hand, President Duda does not have close personal relations with President Biden – he admitted.

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Main image source: EPA/Uri Flu