US President Joe Biden is responding to the crisis with the availability of powdered milk in US stores. As part of Operation Fly Formula, more than 130 tons of this product will be delivered from Great Britain to the United States. This is the third series of flights carrying infant formula.

According to Biden in a statement, United Airlines will deliver British Kendamel Milk to the United States for free in the next three weeks. The amount of the product is enough to prepare 3.7 million servings of milk.

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This is the third initiative to import powdered milk from abroad under the Fly Formula process. Organized by the Biden administration in response to the shortage of this product in the United States. On Friday, the Australian dairy company announced that it will ship more than 27 million rations to the United States.

In the United States, powdered milk is becoming less available

On Wednesday, Biden will meet with US manufacturers and representatives of his office to develop a plan to increase product availability. The crisis stems from the shutdown of the Abbott plant, the largest producer of powdered milk in the United States. In addition, restrictions on importing food for children from abroad have added to the difficulties.

According to the data reported by the Washington Post, the filling level of this product in stores has decreased to 76 percent. Nationwide, though, store shelves in some areas of the United States are only 30 percent full.

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