The presence of both Raducanu and 73 WTA Fernandes in the decisive match was a huge surprise. A slightly larger one could be said, due to less experience in Grand Slam competitions and WTA tournaments, in the case of the British. In the main ladder of a Grand Slam clash, she made her debut at Wimbledon in the summer. Then – as the 338th Rocket of the World – he received a so-called wild card and used the chance, making it to the 1/8 finals. To date, she has participated almost exclusively in lower-ranked tournaments and only started twice on the WTA tournament.

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However, that didn’t stop her in any way and she was the first qualifier in history to reach the finals of the New York event, not losing a set in any of the 10 matches.

On Saturday, she started well, because at the start – after her sixth “break point” – she made a breakthrough and went 2-0 up. The opponent, also born in 2002, did not intend to give up, and immediately after that he used the fourth chance to win the opponent’s serve match. The finish turned out to be the key to the fate of this game – the British, at 5:4, turned the fourth-set ball into a point when the Canadian passed left-handed.

In the second installment, the latter had serious problems with its service games, which resulted in a lot of “break points” on the Raducan side. She missed a lot of them, but she had two fractures anyway, and she missed her passes once. At 5:2, she wasted a couple of matches, then took a medical break after slipping and rubbing the skin of her knee during a rally. However, after returning to court, she had no problems completing the work.

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These players encountered that day for the first time in their senior career. Along the way in New York, they defeated many rivals nicknamed world leaders. They are also associated with the fact that they come from culturally mixed families. The British woman was born in Toronto and is the daughter of a Chinese and Romanian woman. She moved to England with her parents when she was two years old. Fernandez’s father, born in Montreal, is from Ecuador, and his mother is of Filipino ancestry. In addition, former footballer Jorge Fernandez has been his daughter’s coach for many years.

Previously, the finals of the US Open were held with the participation of two teenagers 22 years ago – 17-year-old American Serena Williams defeated the Swiss Martina Hingis, who is a year older than her.

Fernandez, who celebrated her 19th birthday on Monday, has made her seventh Grand Slam appearance and only once – at the French Open last year – has reached the third round. On Monday, he will move to number 28 on the world list.

But even more impressive is the promotion of Raducan, which will be 23 years old.

In lower-ranked events, the Brits had won only 40,000 before Wimbledon. dollar. From London grass she “gathered” 180 thousand, and for the victory at the US Open she will receive 2.5 million dollars. Fernandez will get half that amount.

Women’s singles final result:

Emma Raducano (Great Britain) – Laila Fernandez (Canada) 6:4, 6:3.


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