On Saturday, the final match of the mixed match for the US Open for the Grand Slam 2021 was held, and the winners were Desira Krause and Joe Salisbury, who repeated the success with Roland Garros.

Rafai Smolensky

Desirae Krawczyk and Joe Salisbury, 2021 US Open champion in the mix

Getty Images / Al Bello / Pictured: Desirae Krawczyk and Joe Salisbury, 2021 US Open champions in a mix

And there was no surprise in Saturday’s battered final, though number two Desira Krause and Joe Salisbury had no easy task. If Giuliana Olmos and Marcelo Arevalo take their chances in the first set, the match could be very different. In the end, the candidates won 7:5, 6:2.

The first version was even, and the first break points were Olmos and Arevalo. But the American-British duo saved themselves in the sixth game and tied with a score of 3. Then came the decisive tenth match, in which the Mexican and El Salvador missed three sets. At 5:5, the candidates attacked, who scored a break, and then closed the first part of the game.

In the second match, Krawczyk and Salisbury’s advantage was already evident. The duo, marked “two”, started with a breakthrough and dominated the situation on the court. In the seventh inning, the candidates threw another break to use the third championship ball after changing sides.

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Krausek and Salisbury became the winners of the 2021 US Open Grand Slam. They repeated the feat of Parisian Roland Garros, turning out to be better than the Russian duo of Jelena Yesnina and Aslan Karasio. He will leave Salisbury New York as a double champion, winning the doubles title with American Rajiv Ram on Friday (more here). Bob Bryan was the last tennis player to do so at the US International in 2010.

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It was two great tournaments for us. It was great, we worked great together. Thanks to everyone who came to visit us. Krausek, who won his third consecutive Grand Slam Mix at Roland Garros and alongside Neil Skopsky at Wimbledon, said I’m looking forward to coming back here next year.

US Open, New York (USA)
Grand Slam, Hard Court, $57.5 million prize pool
Saturday 11 September

Mixed match final:

Desira Krause (USA, 2) / Joe Salisbury (UK, 2) – Juliana Olmos (Mexico) / Marcelo Arévalo (El Salvador) 7-5, 6-2

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