Wages in the US tech sector fell slightly in 2021. Depending on the region, you can count on an average of 124,000 to 165,000. The gap. annually.

in the states this year. More juniors are being sought, and consequently a slightly lower average income.

Wages in the US IT sector generally fell on a small scale in 2021, which correlates with the growing demand for people with less experience (i.e. for lower pay) and telecommuting – primarily in second and third tier markets. (i.e. outside of the San Francisco Bay Area and New York) — According to Hired’s “Hired in Major Resignation: 2021 Technology Case Payroll.”

However, on the other hand, found that this year. Rates for more experienced professionals (with at least two years of experience) continued to rise.

In total, the average salary for an IT department in 2021 in the United States is 152 thousand. Gap. (about 50 thousand PLN per month) and decreased by -1.1 percent. vs 2020

Where you pay the best in the US

Median wages in most large domestic markets in the United States rose 1% in 2021, according to a Hired report.

The highest rates were recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area, adjacent to Silicon Valley. Their number is 165 thousand. Gap. annually (that is, approximately 55,000 PLN per month). However, in view of last year it fell by -0.9 percent.

They pay a little less in Seattle, Washington (where Amazon and Microsoft are based nearby): on average 158,000. Gap. Here, rates are up 4.6 percent during the year.

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The third place in the US IT salary ranking is New York: 151 thousand. Gap. (-1.0% annually).

This is where the profits fell the most

At the other end of the list is Dallas, Texas: 124,000. The US dollar, where, in addition, this year’s earnings fell the most (-9.5%).

On the other hand, in Austin in the same state, the area known as Silicon Hills, IT salaries increased an average of 5%, to 144,000. The gap.

The highest increase this year. On the other hand, it was recorded in the San Diego area of ​​California (+9.1 percent year on year, to $144K).

It is interesting to compare your earnings to the cost of living. Well, in this regard, most US markets are ahead of San Francisco and New York. Dallas and Atlanta are the most convenient. Well, according to Hired’s report, the median wage is 165,000. The gap. In San Francisco the equivalent of 243,000. The gap. in Dallas. IT workers have to prepare for the more modest life in New York, despite the relatively high profits in the Big Apple.

74 you. Pounds in London

In London, on the other hand, average prices are similar for this year. At the level of 74 thousand. pounds per year (about 33 thousand PLN per month) and an increase of 2.4 percent. against last year


Hired’s report “Employment in the Great Resignation: 2021 State of Tech Payroll” analyzes more than 525,000 jobs. Interview requests and 10 thousand. Job offers from January 2019 to June 2021, including over 17,000 companies and 180,000 job seekers.

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