Most of the time, certificates are not very expensive, perhaps because the builders decided to issue a large number of them and make money quickly. In turn, one seller of fake testimonials on Etsy openly admitted to a New York Times journalist that she sold dozens of certificates for $ 20 apiece online, thus opposing “government tyrants” forcing Americans to mass vaccinate.

If the vaccination is confirmed, first with one dose and then with two doses, it is usually between $ 20 and $ 60. Five dollars would have to be added if someone wanted this document to be wrapped in foil. There are also more expensive offers, with fraudsters asking for up to $ 200 for a single document – We read the “Rzeczpospolita.”

The certificates were forged after they were removed from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is received by people who have already been vaccinated against the Coronavirus. Hundreds of these documents can now be purchased online, and most likely thousands have already been sold, says Saud Khalifa, founder of FakeSpot, the online fraud-detection website, citing the New York Times. In his opinion, fraudsters are not hiding their activities, because there are still plenty of offers of “vax cards” with entered data and clean “blank vaccine cards”.

There are also a lot of people ready to buy it, as airlines are often very open to those who are vaccinated and are not causing them problems with travel. Also in Poland, a double dose acceptance certificate is exempt from quarantine upon arrival.

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Americans are fighting this practice. Prosecutors in the United States have received offers from Twitter, Shopify, and eBay.

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