Joe Biden may have won the presidency, but ballot counting continues in four states.

The Biden campaign team celebrates victory, while the Donald Trump team has made unfounded allegations of voter fraud.

Here is the state of play in the four yet to be named states:


There will be a recount on Key swing condition After it is announced there will be a margin of a few thousand votes.

After coming behind Mr Trump with 300,000 votes on Wednesday, Biden is now leading with 7,500 votes.

The recount may delay the result for weeks.

If Biden held Georgia, he would be the first Democratic candidate to do so since Bill Clinton in 1992, but it appears that neither candidate will win the state’s 16 Electoral College votes anytime soon.

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‘There will be a recount in Georgia’


Mr. Biden and Trump are nearly fickle in the state, which has 11 electoral college votes.

Biden’s lead is waning, by a previously healthy margin of 60,000 votes now just over 20,000.

Arizona has traditionally voted Republicans and has been home to one of the party’s most famous senators, John McCain.

North Carolina

Trump is currently ahead of 75,433 in the state, which has 15 electoral votes.

The president is expected to win here.

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US Election: Who voted for Donald Trump?
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The state, which is not a decisive battlefield, is not named either way.

Trump’s latest tally recorded 51,382 votes over his Democratic opponent.

Trump won the state, which deserves three votes from the Electoral College, in 2016.