US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is in Warsaw. The head of the Pentagon said during a joint press conference with Defense Minister Marius Başak: – Any attack or attack by Russia on Ukraine would not only lead to a conflict, but also to a violation of basic principles. The agenda of the visit of the US Secretary of Defense also includes a meeting with President Andrzej Duda.

A working meeting was held at the Ministry of National Defense on Friday morning. Later, after the solemn salute in front of the palace on the island in Warsaw’s azienki park, Austin and Błaszczak spoke face to face. Then they appeared together at a press conference.

– Boshchak said that our meeting is of special significance and strength at the moment, at the time of the international security crisis caused by Russia. “The Polish army protects above all the security of the homeland, but also the eastern flank of NATO and the European Union,” he added. – That is why the support of allies from the United States is important and necessary for us – he stressed.

Mariusz Błaszczak after meeting with Lloyd AustinTVN24

Russian imperial policy requires from us and all allies comprehensive deterrence and defense measures. We have appointed additional US forces to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank. There are also additional British soldiers in Poland – the head of the Ministry of National Defense stated. He thanked Austin for “the strengthening of the US military presence in Poland, and for declaring the possibility of strengthening both NATO and the United States, if necessary.” Together, we are able to work more effectively and achieve more. We have a common goal – peace and security – Boacchak emphasized.

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Austin: There is still a time and place for diplomacy

“Ukraine is in danger of another Russian invasion,” Lloyd Austin said. He stressed that any attack or attack by Russia on Ukraine would not only lead to a conflict, but also to a violation of the basic principles of national sovereignty, territorial integrity and the right of state self-determination.

Ironically, what Putin did not want, namely, the growing strength of NATO, actually made us stronger on the eastern side of NATO. And it always will be, said Austin. In his opinion, “there is still time and place for diplomacy” and a peaceful solution to the situation throughout Ukraine.

He emphasized that no matter what decision Putin takes, the United States and our allies will be ready.

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Later on Friday, Austin is scheduled to speak about the military presence in Poland and the situation on the eastern side of NATO with President Andrzej Duda. He will also meet with American soldiers serving in Poland at the base in Boyds.

Before arriving in Poland, Austin participated in a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, and his trip to Europe also included a visit to Lithuania.

Minister of National Defense Marius Pussachtak and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during the official reception.PAP / Leszyk Szymański

Main image source: Leszek Szymanski / PAP