The US National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL for short) recently announced that it has been selected Microsoft To support the second phase of the project. Qualcomm and Intel will also help develop and build integrated circuits, as evidenced by previous NSTXL releases.

Tom Keene, Global Vice President of Microsoft Azure Written on the company’s blog, which – which Historically, safety requirements for microelectronics development have limited the ability of the US Department of Defense to take advantage of the latest innovations.

He noted that the Secured Rapid Prototyping of Microelectronics – Commercial Project (RAMP-C for short), using the companies’ advanced commercial capabilities, It will speed up the development process and ensure reliable, safe and up-to-date design and production of microelectronics For the needs of those dealing with security and defense.

Windows 10 and 11 after update have a problem with ... Update app

Windows 10 and 11 after update have a problem with … Update app

Microsoft’s invitation to the RAMP-C project does not appear to have been accidental. As interesting engineeringThe US Department of Defense and the US IT company have been working together for four decades to bring commercial innovation to areas related to national security.

The RAMP-C project was launched in October last year. It is part of a larger program that aims, among other things, to preserve the United States’ position in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits. In the second phase of the project, Microsoft will work with other companies to develop integrated circuits with lower power consumption, better performance, smaller size, and greater reliability in DoD systems.

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