It took years to repair the damage to the left. It is a great blessing to preserve in the meantime the national unity. Thanks to the cooperation of engineers, workers, peasants, owners of small and large enterprises, scientists, teachers, nurses and doctors, it was possible to clean up the ruins. We put Hungary on its feet. We’ve created a million jobs, cut taxes, and next year’s minimum wage will be higher than the average wage under socialists.

He mentioned the successes of his government, Viktor Orban.

“Hungary is now strong enough to respect both the old and the young. We will give out 13 pensions, and working young people will not have to pay taxes from next year. Families raising children will take back the taxes paid this year” – announced the Prime Minister Minister.

We have our galactic world and our galactic life. We have a constitution that guarantees that they will never do us again what they did in 56 and 2006. We have crossed the borders that divide the nation and united Hungarians

– Orban emphasized.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us not forget that when we lowered utility prices, when we cut incremental profits for multinationals, and when we sent IMR, we attacked the entire European Union. They also attacked us when we stopped immigrants, put up fences and defended our borders. European decision makers want to decide about us again above our heads, but without us. They want to make us passionate and liberal Europeans, even if we die. Brussels is talking to us and to the Poles today as you talk to your enemies

– said the head of the Hungarian government.

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It is time for them to understand in Brussels that even the Communists cannot deal with us. We sand in the machine, stick between the splines, nail under the nail. We are the David that Goliath must miss. We destroyed the first brick of the Berlin Wall and we will be able to do that now as well. We will only say that the Hungarians are not right, but they will be right. Hungary will be the first country to stop aggressive gay propaganda outside school walls

He said.