The Swedish unit sought money, solicited it, and begged for support to keep work on the electrician it was developing. Now Filter magazine tracked that this “unique prototype” that investors saw in the summer of 2021 was actually a minimally modified Zhidou D3, a close relative of the Zhidou D2S that briefly made its way to Poland in 2018.

Unity One, a Swedish-branded Chinese quad bike. Without European approval…

In 2017, the startup Uniti announced a crowdfunding campaign in which it planned to raise as much money as possible to create a city-wide electrician. After only a few weeks, we managed to collect the equivalent of 2.5 million PLN, and at the end of the collection the company had the equivalent of about PLN 5 million at its disposal. Well-known companies have emerged among investors, including Media Markt, Kuka, Siemens and E.on.

Louis Horn, President and Founder of Uniti (c) Uniti

Delivery of production copies was scheduled for 2019. Later it turned out that it was only prototypes and not in 2019, but in 2020 2021. The company announced its intention to build a plant in the UK, producing 300,000 cars a year, only to reveal that it is on the verge of bankruptcy. The prototype, the Uniti Zero, was revealed to a limited group of investors in the summer of 2021.

It was not shown to the public because it was wanted by a “valuable strategic partner”. And this is not surprising, because already on the slide from the online conference (first photo) you can see that the car has completely changed compared to the previously presented prototypes (second photo) and is similar to the Chinese Zhidou D3 (third photo):

Uniti Zero offer to selected investors in summer 2021 (c)

Uniti One unveiled at the (c) Unti movie premiere

Zhidou D3

The Zhidou D3 is an inexpensive Chinese quad bike, which has not yet been approved for driving on European roads. Owned by Zhidou D2S. As Filter magazine journalists tracked down, The overall contribution to the start-up of the D3 was a change of lettering on the hood and a modification to the shape of the front bumper. The Uniti chief praised the fact that “Volvo and Polestar were built in the same place and built by the same people” (source).

Louis Horn, founder and president of the startup, has been on a yacht sailing around the Caribbean for four months. In November 2021, the company had 9.4 million kroner / 4.1 million PLN on its accounts. After the end of the year, it announced that its losses amounted to 17.5 million crowns / 7.7 million zlotys.

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