• Joe Biden told Putin that the United States and Russia should extend the START Treaty, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
  • The new US president addressed recent cyber attacks suspected by Russian hackers, and reports that Rosa was paying Taliban prizes for attacks on US forces in Afghanistan.
  • As reported by the Associated Press, the Russian side requested a phone call to Biden last week. Biden agreed, but wanted to prepare first with his staff and talk to European allies
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Joe Biden was looking for a way to break sharply from the warm rhetoric his predecessor Donald Trump had often made toward Putin, according to the Palestinian Authority Agency, citing officials who were familiar with the talks between US and Russian leaders.

The new US president told his Russian counterpart that the two countries should finalize a five-year extension to the Treaty on Strategic Arms Limitation before it expires early next month.

Biden told Putin his administration was investigating The cyber attack on US institutions, which occurred at the end of last year. It is suspected to have been made by Russian pirates. In a conversation with Putin, Biden also raised the issue of the rewards that the Taliban would receive from Russia for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Biden said the United States was prepared to defend itself and would take measures that could include more sanctions to show that Moscow would not act with impunity.

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As reported by the Associated Press, the Russian side requested a phone call to Biden last week. Biden agreed, but he wanted to prepare with his staff first and talk to European allies, including the leaders of Britain, France and Germany.

On Tuesday, prior to his conversation with Putin, Biden spoke with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, reaffirming the United States’ commitment to the decades-long alliance that was created as a safeguard against Russian aggression.

A long list of topics from Biden’s first conversation with Putin illustrates the tumultuous state between Washington and Moscow that he inherited from the previous administration, CNN notes. Biden accused Trump of being too weak towards Russia and accused him of being “Putin’s puppy” during one of their election debates.

CNN also adds, citing US officials, that Biden hopes to take a firmer stance on Putin. He ordered a review of administrative agencies in matters relating to Russia and may impose new sanctions on the country.

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