Donald Trump It was suspended from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks following the January attack on the Capitol Building. In early March, Trump advisor Jason Miller announced that they were President United States of America She will launch her own social platform in three months – he writes Reuters. running right Now Its official website has been launched.

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Trump wishes success for the new administration. “I’ll watch and listen. We’ll come back somehow.” [ENG]

Donald J. Trump’s office is committed to preserving the great legacy of the Trump administration.

The information section provides a comprehensive overview of Donald Trump’s tenure, highlighting his accomplishments, including maintaining border security and strengthening international alliances. However, he also confirms ReutersThere was no mention of scandals, investigations into corruption, or attacks on democratic institutions.

United States of America. The Trump family has quietly vaccinated against the Coronavirus

Donald J. Trump’s office is committed to preserving the glorious legacy of the Trump administration while advancing America’s agenda first. Through civic engagement and public activism, Donald J. Trump’s office will seek to inform, educate, and inspire Americans from all walks of life as they strive to build a truly glorious American future. In this position, President Trump will remain a tireless champion of the toiling men and women of our great country – and their right to a safe and dignified life, prosperity and peace.

– Nabisano Na Donald Trump Website.

Donald Trump will run again in 2024

Donald Trump cardAlthough he lost elections And he failed to prove that they were fraudsters, as he plans to return to the White House. He indicated that he will run in the presidential elections again in 2024.

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Donald TrumpTRUMP: If I’m not president, the vaccine will come in five years