A series of hurricanes swept the United States. Among other things, the city of Mayfield in Kentucky was destroyed. Nine days after the disaster, a cat was found under the rubble of a three-story office building. Madix was not hurt, but hungry and thirsty.

A cat has been found under the rubble of a three-story office building in Mayfield, Kentucky, the Associated Press reported Thursday. The animal spent nine days there, it was not hurt, it was only hungry and thirsty.

Madix the cat lives under the rubble of a building in Mayfield

Standing on the ruins of the building, I thought I heard a ‘meow’ and though I thought it was some hallucination, I heard my cat’s name and then heard meowing again, reports Sonny ‘Hoot’ Gibson. The sounds came from under the collapsed building. Born Gibson hope he was Madix’s office cat, black with yellow eyes, he hadn’t seen since the building collapsed.Madix was a favorite of his rental car clients.

Gibson and several people searched under the rubble, and Madix actually escaped from the hole under the building.

It was such a great feeling to be in my arms again, said Gibson.

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Madix the cat survived nine days under the rubble of a building AFP/East News

Tornada, Kentucky

“I have no idea how anyone or anyone could have survived the hurricane itself, let alone the devastation it caused,” the owner commented. “If cats had nine lives, Madix must have used eight of them to survive those nine days in the ruins,” he said.

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He added that the story of the cat, which gained extraordinary popularity in the city, gave residents a boost of positive emotions. “It is a blessing for people to realize how great things can come out of terrible situations. If he lifts the spirits of only one person, then it means Madix has achieved his goal on this planet,” he emphasized.

Of the eight US states, Kentucky is the hardest-hit, with dozens of tornadoes occurring in mid-December. According to CNN, more than 80 people died as a result of the disaster.

Main image source: AFP/East News