Firefighter They wrap fireproof blankets over ancient redwoods found in Sequoia National Park in California. There are about 2,000 specimens of these trees in the forest, including the tree with the largest width of the trunk – General Sherman, which has a height of 83 meters and a diameter of more than nine meters at the base of the trunk. The age of this redwood tree is estimated to be about 2300-2700 years.

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The fire devours California’s forests. Sequoia National Park is in danger

More than 350 people are involved in fighting forest fires Firefighter Along with helicopters and water drop planes. To save the trees, firefighters wrap them in fire retardant blankets, which help in the fight against putting out the flames. Near the redwood trees, vegetation that could have helped spread the fire has been removed.

‘This is a very important area for a lot of people, so we’ve put a lot of effort into protecting this great forest,’ National Park spokeswoman Rebecca Patterson said, citing National Park spokeswoman Rebecca Patterson. BBC.

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The National Park Service also draws attention to the fact that 10,000 people were destroyed in a fire last year. Sequoia. Most of them were over a thousand years old.

Climate change increases fire risk

Rising temperatures, and with it strong heat waves and changing weather patterns (such as more intense but less frequent rainfall) are the expected effects of global warming.

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Due to climate change, the risk of fires is increasing in many regions. For example, a scientific report commissioned by the Australian government estimates that a 2°C increase in temperature in many parts of the country will increase the intensity of fires by 25% and also increase the area they cover fires in half.

In areas where there are bushfires, such as California and Australia, they can be more dangerous than before. Severe drought and heat, for example, allow for massive fires to emerge – even single fires can reach them 500 thousand hectares. This fire range is out of the firefighters’ control.

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