The Los Angeles Times reports that the fire that began July 13 in Feather River Canyon, north of Sacramento, destroyed at least 134 buildings and threatened another 13,871. Thousands of residents had to leave their homes.

The element swept four counties: Butte, Lassen, Plumas, and Tihama. It’s 35 percent. possessed. Among the places where it did the most damage was Greenville, a small town erupting on gold with a population of about 1,000. Three-quarters of the buildings were on fire.

“My heart is crushed by what happened there. I know people who have lost their homes and jobs, their lives changed forever. All I can say now is I’m sorry,” Latt quotes from Plumas County Mayor Todd Jones who introduced himself as a long-time resident of Greenville.

The man added that 5,000 people were involved in fighting the fire. People who “face utter devastation at every turn”. Some residents have compared the devastation to a “moon view.”

“It’s tragic for a lot of people,” Curtis McClan, 58, said, adding that the disaster was not surprising because the Sierra Nevada mountains were drier than ever.

“Even though I knew it was coming, it was like losing a loved one. It’s climate change,” McClan was quoted as saying by the California newspaper that no one in Greenville could believe he was a climate refugee now.

City officials are still assessing the damage, according to the Air Transport Association, but fire spokeswoman Serena Baker said Thursday, an estimated fire in Greenville damaged three-quarters of the buildings. At least 67 have been destroyed and more than 12,000 are at risk.

PG&E Energy admitted that its facilities may have caused the fire on July 13. However, the dispatcher did not detect the flames until 9 and a half hours after the start of the fire.

The energy company revealed Monday that its equipment may also have started in the Fly fire, which broke out on July 22 and expanded to more than 1,740 acres before merging with Dixie two days later.

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