Meeting Senate It began with a 13-minute video showing a crowd of Donald Trump supporters storming Congress, attacking policemen and demanding that Joe Biden’s victory be annulled. Representatives of the House of Representatives said that the former president should take responsibility for inciting the crowd to attack.

We cannot have a president who rallies and incites the masses because he does not want to accept the will of the people under rz ± dami The US Constitution, Congressman Jimmy Ruskin said, the accusation is justified because a president who challenges his position at the end of his term cannot go unpunished. Donald Trump’s defense attorney, David Schwen, argued that the Senate trial was the result of Democrats’ dislike of the former president. “This is a process that began irresponsibly out of sheer hatred,” Schwen said.

After the parties’ words, the vote was voted by 56 to 44 Senators It found the dismissal process in compliance with the constitution. The Senate will now begin substantive examination of the allegations against Donald Trump. However, Tuesday’s vote result indicates that it will be difficult for Democrats to garner the support of the two-thirds majority in the Senate required to convict the former president.

Washington riots

The US Congress met on January 6 to approve Joe Biden’s victory in the elections presidential. The deliberations stalled because supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol Building. The US President himself encouraged them to “march”. Five people were killed and 68 arrested as a result of the riots. Politicians accuse Donald Trump of delaying condemnation of the protesters ’actions and even inciting his supporters to aggression.

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Until January 21, the day after Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States, in Washington There was an emergency.

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