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Legalizing Lukashenka’s power? Komorowski comments on Merkel’s conversation

Jacob Chansley – who also introduced himself as Jake Angeli or “Kunun Shaman” – was on January 6 in the midst of a mob of Donald Trump supporters who stormed and destroyed Congress. Angeli is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who has been attending the then president’s presidential rallies for a long time.

It was not difficult to recognize the man for services – dozens of photos and videos show him walking around the Capitol in furs, horns on his head, a colorful face and a flag in hand. Soon after the riot, stop it police Allegations of illegal entry and stay of the prohibited building, violent encroachment and disorder on the Capitol were heard.

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Shaman Qunun to rule

According to the BBC, the “shaman Qanoun” was sentenced to 41 months in prison. His sentence is one of the harshest to date in connection with the disturbances in the Capitol. Chansley EC boiling He pleaded guilty, which resulted in only one of the original six counts being punished. So he was only responsible for disrupting official procedures.

Before that, Chansley was calculating that President trump He was pardoned before his term expires on January 20. But this did not happen, and the president cut himself off from the supporters with whom he argued on January 6 this elections been falsified.

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