In addition to the people who have been charged, the Ministry of Justice has provided information indicating that procedures are “ongoing” and that we can expect more arrests and charges in the coming days.

Michael Sherwin, Acting Attorney General in the United States, told CNN: “The illegal destruction of the US Capitol building was an attack on one of the largest institutions in our country.” “My office, along with our law enforcement partners at all levels, acted swiftly and used all resources to identify, arrest and initiate the prosecution of persons involved in heinous criminal acts on the basis of the Capitol,” he added.

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One of those who will suffer is Richard Barnett from Arkansas who was arrested Friday morning in Little Rock. He was charged with “intentional entry, moving through safe lands without permission, violently trespassing on the Capitol, and stealing public property.

Another protester – an Alabama resident – was charged with explosives found on the south side of the Capitol. According to officials, 11 Molotov cocktails and military weapons were found in his pickup truck.

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“Just because you left the Washington DC area doesn’t mean you can’t expect to knock on your door if we discover that you are part of criminal activity at the Capitol,” said Stephen Dantuno, deputy director of the FBI in charge of the Washington area.

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