– Gosh! I just got hit by a car! But I’m fine, Tim, studio head Tori Yorgi reassured. stunned journalist He did not see the whole incident, but only heard his friend’s voice through the receiver.

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Kolobrzeg. Police are looking for a driver who hit a teenager at a pedestrian crossing

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The camera fell, but viewers could hear the woman driving the white car stopping to see if the reporter was okay. Yorgi told her she was “okay”.

– to me the television Live just for you! – I joked. – I also stayed in college settled By car, as now. I’m so happy I’m fine! – She added. The journalist got up and walked away immediately Returned to reporting. NBC Today said that Yorgi had been examined in the hospital but had nothing to do with it.

Kazakhstan. More than 2,600 ODKB soldiers after the collapse of the Soviet Union suppress riots

This was the last week of Tori Yorgi’s work at WSAZ-TV, which she previously posted on Facebook.

Italia.  I helped an injured motorcyclist.  He has to pay 4.5 thousand.  Euro because she broke the quarantineItalia. I helped an injured motorcyclist. He has to pay 4500 euros

United States of America. Reporter hit during live coverage. The journalistic environment does not hide the discontent

Veteran television reporters pointed out that stations should be extra careful when sending young reporters into the field on their own.

“Managers and station owners must realize that many of these reporters are young men who joined them upon graduation from college as the first ones. a jobThey are often unsure about expressing their concerns,” – said Alanna Autler of CBS in conversation withNew York times”.

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