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Way to deal with floods? Cities that absorb water

The storm that turned into Hurricane Ida and crippled heavy rain New York. According to the information NBC News In New York and neighboring New Jersey, at least 14 people were killed. New York authorities i New Jersey I entered a state of emergency

Recording rainstorms in the United States. In the subway, water flowed in the streams

Just within an hour in New York City middle park And in Newark, NJ, about eight inches of rain fell yesterday — that’s what it usually takes for a month. Bill Karens, a meteorologist for NBC News, said he’s never recorded more rain in an hour.

Roads and tunnels were flooded. At metro stations, it poured onto sidewalks and wagons. in a New York Eight people were killed, including people aged between two and 86. In the town of Passaic, in neighboring New Jersey, a 76-year-old man drowned in a flooded car when water from a nearby river suddenly began to rise. Also in Elizabeth, New Jersey, five residents of Oakwood Plaza Apartments have died.

weather. July 2021 was the warmest month in the history of measurements

Floods in the United States. Emergencies have been introduced

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency and urged residents to stay home. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a similar ruling. In the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, hundreds of thousands of people live without electricity. Meanwhile in the south United States of America Action is underway to help victims of the impact of Ida, which on Sunday reached the Louisiana coast as a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 240 kilometers for an hour. In many places there is a shortage of water and gasoline. There is no electricity in 600,000 homes. According to NBC News, rainfall in Central Park was the highest in 94 years, while it was in Newark, New Jersey – the highest in 62 years.

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“Tonight we are witnessing a historic weather event with record rain across the city, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads,” the mayor of New York wrote on Twitter.

Glacier in AlaskaAccording to new data, there is no longer a polar ocean climate in Fairbanks, Alaska