Zbigniew Rao confirmed in an interview with Polish Radio 24 that Poland’s position on Nord Stream 2 is widely known.

I had the opportunity to also present it in an interview with Minister Blinken. We said that the position of the United States is very similar. We remember that President Biden described this investment as a bad business for Europe. Rao said that was by no means settled.

The politician pointed out that “the possibility of conducting such negotiations behind the scenes between the American administration and the German government can be speculated.” He added that Blinken used “a phrase that we will take part in” because he said “nothing about you without you” in the context of Nord Stream – Rao explained.

Poland voted in solidarity with the opposition. Boris Budka translates

Nord Stream 2. Zbigniew Rao: “It divides societies”

The foreign minister emphasized that the Nord Stream 2 project was considered “harmful” by Poland and Ukraine.

It divides the Europeans in the first place, and it not only divides the members of the European Union, but also the members of NATO. It also divides Western societies within individual countries. Rau said – as we have indicated – is contrary to the European spirit of solidarity.

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