– On June 1, my daughter came home from school and saw people tearing down the roof of our house – she said in an interview with KXLY Jessica Hootwit from Soul Lake.

While explaining the matter, it turns out that Builders were sent to the “wrong address”. However, no one was held responsible for the error. The company initially confirmed that the insurance company would cover the cost of the repair. However, when she refused Dr. Roving paid compensation, he told the victims that it was their company’s policy not to cover the cost of repairs in an “open roof” situation.

To this day, the family’s only protection is the metallic foil that has unfolded in place of the roof. However, it does not protect against heavy rain – after the recent rains in the area, the water destroyed the floors and walls.

It’s a nightmare, the worst thing that could happen. Jessica Hotwit, a mother of five, says the water is mainly poured into the children’s room, and the little ones don’t want to sleep there because of the mold smell.

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The costs of repairing existing faults and installing a new roof are very high Tens of thousands of dollars. The family hopes the case won’t be resolved until the fall – and they’re currently in the process of consulting with their lawyer.

The contractor who removed the roof refused to speak to reporters in front of the camera. He confirmed this in a phone conversation The issue is “under resolution”.

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