Waitress Ryan Brant was fired from Resturant Furnace and faucet in Bentonville, Arkansas (USA) after three and a half years in operation. On local television station KNWA, she said that she lost her job after receiving a tip of $4.4 thousand. Gap. To be shared between two people.

“I’d like to take 20 percent off the house.”

Ryan Brandt and another waitress served a group of over 40 people. Each guest left $100. Tipping which has been raised to the amount of 4.4 thousand. Gap. When the owner of the restaurant found out, he asked her to split the tip between all the waiters and the waitress. Ryan Brandt believes that during her many years working in a restaurant there was no such practice at all. – I’m going home at 20 per cent. Brandt KNWA said.

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The man, who was among 40 guests who tipped two waitresses, told Kuwait News Agency (KNWA) that He wanted to give money to the waitresses only and not to the rest. He demanded a refund and handed it to Brandt outside the restaurant.

Violating restaurant policy?

After she accepted the money, the woman was fired from her job, which was devastating to her. She was to be fired for telling a customer about sharing tips with other co-workers, thus violating restaurant policy.

Restaurant officials told Business Insider South Africa this Guests’ request to tip two waitresses was honored. They added, “Out of respect for our valued team members, we are not discussing the details of firing an employee.”

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source: Business Insider South Africa