Casey White convicted killing. He was serving a 75-year sentence in an Alabama prison. on Friday April 29 He escaped custody in a rather amazing fashion. Then, he says CNNWhile he was still in prison, the man was caught by a surveillance camera. In an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, one of the guards – Vicki White (the names coincide) took him to the police car.

The woman had to take the man to court to assess his mental state. However, the detaining authorities soon discovered that no date was set for interrogation that day, and that escorting convicts alone is against the law. So he ordered a search. A few days later, it also turned out that the woman was cooperating with the convict.

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Escape from prison. The requested person took 11 days

According to the report, the duo abandoned the police car and fled the state in another vehicle. 11 days later, it was discovered that the couple had been in Evansville, Indiana – police noticed that a guard had left one of their Hotels. She was wearing a wig. Then she and Wyatt got into the car and drove away. Soon realizing that they were being pursued, they began to flee, and the officers chased them through the city streets.

At one point, a police car collided with a Cadillac in which steam was moving. The car the escaped prisoner was driving overturned. Casey and Vicki were dragged out of the car. It was found that the woman had been shot in the head. The woman, who was in serious condition, was taken to the hospital, where she died.

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police In Alabama, none of the officers fired a shot in their direction.

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Casey White is going back to prison. “Rest assured, no more people are going out.”

The man will return to Alabama. As Sheriff Lauderdale, Alabama, Rick Singleton told the station, he’ll be alone in the cell.

Her hands and feet will be tied at all times. If he wants to sue me for civil rights violations, go ahead. But I assure you he won’t get out of this prison anymore, said the sheriff. He added that White’s escape was planned. “They put a lot of preparation into that, they had a lot of money, they had cars, they had everything they needed to do it. That’s what made the last week and a half so difficult,” Singleton said.