Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief medical advisor, described Republican Senator Roger Marshall as a moron. It happened after a short exchange of views when Senator Fauci asked about his earnings. The presidential advisor didn’t know he was holding the microphone.

The situation in the US Congress arose during the stormy debate over the pandemic. The doctor questioned representatives of the Republican Party.

Controversial words from the mouth of d. Fauci fell when he answered questions about his property to the senator.

“Jesus, what a retard”

– Dr. Fauci, according to Forbes, earned 434,000 dollars in 2020. You control $5 billion in grants. As the highest-paid employee in the entire federal government, are you willing to provide Congress with your financial statements? asked Senator Roger Marshall.

– Do not understand the question. My financial statements for the last 37 or 35 years are publicly available – Doctor’s Reply.

Marshall: Big companies do their best to hide it. We will continue to search for them.

Fauci: – Just ask about them, it’s amazing, someone must have misled you.

Marshall: – My office could not find them. Where are they if they are publicly available?

Fauci: – It’s available if you like.

Marshall: – I can’t wait to see them.

After the discussion ended, the doctor saw that his microphone was off, and said to himself, “Jesus, what a retard.” The speech was recorded by parliamentary microphones.

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Video: Dr. Anthony Fauci thought he turned off his microphone


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