The “Associated Press” quoted the case. The US Capitol Guard said the US intelligence community had reports of a “potential conspiracy” by QAnon to invade Congress on Thursday.

However, no major protests were planned in the American capital. There are also no reports that members of the QAnon movement intended to come in large numbers to the District of Columbia that day.

Why is Thursday so crucial? Well, according to some members of the Qunun movement Donald Trump He should be sworn in as President of the United States on March 4.

In the past, this day was often chosen as the inauguration date for the country’s leader. This changed after 1933 – since then, the US president began his term on January 20.

However, there are voices indicating that an attempt to once again storm the Capitol is unlikely due to the numerous safeguards in place after the last incident on January 6. The building complex is fenced off, and long-armed National Guard units are stationed on a permanent basis. However, additional Capitol Guard units will appear around Parliament on Thursday.

Marcin Kierwiński vs. Tomasz Zimoch. It was about TVP info

United States of America. Demolition of the Capitol and impeachment of Donald Trump

Recall: January 6, there were violent riots in Washington, which moved to the Capitol. A group of protesters demolished government buildings and killed five people.

The protests erupted right after the speech of Donald Trump, who said the election had been rigged and that he still had to rule the country.

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