“Under the circumstances, the best way I can help her right now is to step down and let the government come back to rule.” That’s why that’s what I’m going to do – he said Andrew Cuomo during Press ConferenceAnnouncing his resignation from the position of Governor New York On Tuesday 10 August.

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United States of America. Cuomo apologized for their ‘offence’

– In my opinion, I have never crossed the limits, but I did not realize to what extent these limits were moved. Cuomo said I take full responsibility for my actions. The politician apologized to the women, not for his actions, but for “they felt offended” in connection with his actions.

His lawyer also said during Tuesday’s conference that the attorney general’s report contained “errors in the core cases.” – Key directories have been deleted. She said that witnesses whose testimony did not confirm the account imposed by this report from day one were not included.

Cuomo will formally resign in two weeks, and will be replaced by Deputy Governor Kathy Hochhol — who will become the state’s first female governor. New York.

As the foreign media indicate, the politician had no choice – the New York State Assembly was ready to remove him from his post anyway. It is also possible that despite the resignation, the majority will agree with the decision to impeach him anyway.

United States of America. A third woman has accused Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

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The resignation of the New York governor came as a result of a 5-month investigation that began after the first accusations against the governor emerged, in which he was accused of crimes. sexual harassment. according to Prosecutor’s Office The women’s testimonies are credible. Although the report confirmed the charges, the politician does not face criminal charges, as a civil case was investigated.

The 56th Governor of New York is a well-known and influential politician in the Democratic Party in United States of America. His father held the 52nd governorship in the same state, while his brother was hosting a show on CNN.

United States of America. Andrew Cuomo allegedly molested at least 11 women

We wrote about the results of the investigation into the case of the governor in Gazeta.pl a week ago. I found a conservative independent investigation Andrew Cuomo Letitia James said at a press conference that he sexually harassed at least 11 women, thus violating federal and state law. The report stated that the politician “harassed current and former New York State employees by touching them against their will and making numerous sexual comments.”

In addition, Cuomo and his associates allegedly retaliated against at least one former employee who publicly shared her story.

– The report revealed a very disturbing but clear picture. It also shed light on the injustices that can be present at the highest levels of government. I am grateful to all the women who decided to tell their stories, because that allowed the investigators to get to the truth. The state attorney general has said that no man, no matter how powerful, can be allowed to harass women and violate human rights. New York.

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Andrew CuomoThe governor of New York has molested many women. Investigation results

Cuomo denied all accusations from the start, initially rejecting calls to resign. In March of this year President Joe Biden said that if the accusations prove true, he should resign as governor.

After the report was issued a week ago, the governor again denied the existence of anyone sexual harassment. He claimed, “I have not touched anyone in the wrong way, nor have I made any inappropriate sexual attempts.” “It’s not just me, I’ve never been such a man before,” he said in a statement.