Although there are still a few days until the end of December, it is located near Lake Tahoe on the border of Nevada and California The rainfall record has already been broken. fell most the snow Since 1970.

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Will heavy snowfall restore our water resources?

Snow record in the USA. Climatologist: It was a very favorable storm for the Sierra

On Monday, December snowfall near the lake totaled 193.7 inches (492 cm) and broke the 1970 record – then total precipitation was 179 inches (456.4 inches) poison). The precipitation was recorded by the Snow Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Central Sierra, which on Monday said it fell in an area lakes About 39 inches (99 cm) of snow. And this is not the end, as according to forecasts by the end of the month, precipitation could reach 200 inches (508 cm).

“It was a very favorable storm for the Sierra region,” said Dan McEvoy, a regional climate scientist at the Western Regional Climate Center.

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Climate Scientist: If I have one point to stress, it is that the drought is not over yet

The climatologist mentioned it at the beginning storms They were wetter and the snow was at higher altitudes. But later, when the temperature dropped, the snow found its way into the lower regions. “This is good for its water content and for fear of avalanches,” McEvoy explained. He confirmed that December 2021 in the Lake Tahoe area was “impressive.” – If there’s a point I should stress, that’s it drought Not over yet. We need storms to continue through the winter.

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