Police detained two unauthorized people on the grounds of the British Royal Inn in Great Park, Windsor in late April. Information about this incident was announced on Sunday. investigation began; Uninvited guests have already been released.

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The intruders were scheduled to arrive at the headquarters on the afternoon of April 25. Those arrested are Londoners – a 31-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman.

A police spokesman said that Both had already been released. A Buckingham Palace spokesman declined to comment. It is not known for what purpose the intruders appeared at the residence.

The second such incident

According to the British Guardian website, this is the second such incident to take place at the royal residence within a few days of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

On April 19, a 43-year-old woman was scheduled to spend about 20 minutes at the Royal Lodge. The bodyguards were supposed to hear that from her She is the Duke of York’s bride and has come to marry him. The woman was arrested by the police.


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