– The situation is turbulent there all the time. Regarding this, I contacted the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, to help Polish entrepreneurs quickly, said Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki.

He also added, it’s about & nbsphelp & nbsptransport, but most of all is & nbsphuman. – It was confirmed & nbspI that a quickly executed test run should empty the plug that appeared there. Today, the second large car park is being launched, where several thousand of the first trucks wait. The latter is created to filter this animation – and nbsp underline it.

The situation is improving slightly, but only slightly, and as a result, our interventions are continuing. We urge you all the time because we think this is a plus. The plug can be discharged differently, and the operation can be carried out better. Unfortunately, we are dependent on our French partners here, ”Morawiecki said.

It also shows how dangerous Brexit is and how no agreement has been reached on border issues. We want to keep cross-border traffic flowing smoothly and hope that will happen – nbsp stated.

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Borders are closed

On Sunday, France suddenly closed its borders with Great Britain due to fear of a new mutation in the Coronavirus. As a result of this decision, thousands of trucks, including hundreds of those from Poland, were suspended in Kent.