If elections to Britain’s House of Commons were held now, the ruling Conservative Party would increase its lead over the opposition from 80 seats to 122, according to a poll published by the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

Boris Johnson invited the leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to a joint summit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson invited the heads of government of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on Saturday evening to a summit dedicated to the “Team…

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43% will vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. Of those surveyed, the Labor Party – the Labor Party – 30%. As a result, the Conservatives, who won 365 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons in the last election, will increase their quota to 386 seats, and Labor will have 172 members from 202.

The analysis shows that The Conservatives will take over 23 more districts in the North and Midlands than until recently a Labour stronghold. Capturing much of these territories was a key factor in the Conservatives’ victory in the 2019 election, while reclaiming them is the main goal of new Labor leader Keir Starmer.

But the election will also be successful for the Scottish National Party, which is seeking to secede from Scotland. She will win in 58 of Scotland’s 59 regions, while in 2019 she won 48.

The study covered 14 thousand. Of the respondents, it was held this week, after the local elections in England, which took place on May 6, which were a success for the Conservatives, and the elections to the Parliament of Scotland and Wales.

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“After the local elections, there was a further drop in support for the Labor Party. The Conservatives now have a double lead over Labor and may be on their way to winning an overwhelming majority. A divided opposition with votes scattered between Labor, Liberal Democrats and the Greens makes it easier for the Conservatives to win. “Only in Scotland and Wales, where the Conservatives are not the biggest party, their winning formula does not work,” said Martin Baxter, head of electoral calculus, who analyzes opinion polls.

The next House of Commons election must be held before December 2024, but Boris Johnson’s government has announced that it intends to abolish the existing law on the permanent five-year term of Parliament And a return to a situation where the Prime Minister has the right to call new elections at any time.

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