The Sunday Times, citing high-ranking Royal Navy sources, reported that in the face of increasing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, British warships will head to the Black Sea in May.

Russia’s aggressive policy. How will the European Union, NATO and the United States respond? [WIDEO]

Correspondence of news journalist Marcin Tolyky from Genechesk, southern Ukraine.

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According to the newspaper, the deployment of the units aims to show solidarity with Ukraine and Britain’s NATO allies. Type 45 missile destroyer, It has anti-aircraft missiles, and Type 23 anti-submarine missile frigate They will leave the Royal Navy squad in the Mediterranean and travel across the Bosphorus to the Black Sea, according to reports from the Sunday Times.

In the replay F-35B RAF multi-role fighters and Merlin anti-submarine helicopters It is slated to be on standby in the task force’s command ship, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, to support warships in the Black Sea.

Tensions between Moscow and Kiev continue to escalate as Russian forces gather along the border and clashes in eastern Ukraine between the army and pro-Russian separatists.

The Ministry of Defense does not comment

British defense officials have not commented on the Sunday Times reports.

A spokesman for the ministry told the newspaper that The UK government is working closely with Ukraine to monitor the situation and once again called on Russia for de-escalation. “Great Britain and our international allies do not waver in our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the spokesman said in a statement to “ST”.

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