A few days ago, a big brawl broke out on a beach in Great Britain. A shocking video of the event was posted online, in which you can see men throwing sun loungers and glass bottles at each other.

The brawl took place on June 13 on the balcony of a beach café in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, 65km from central London. A witness to this dramatic event recorded the entire incident on a mobile phone, and then uploaded the video to the network.

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The recording posted on social media shows two groups of men (about 10 people) dressed only in swimwear, brutally throwing cafe tables, sun loungers and glass bottles at each other. Adventurers, not paying attention to families with young children nearby, shout and call out to each other.

The cause of the fight is unknown.

He left broken glass and sunbeds in the cafe after the quarrel. Paul Thompson, the building’s owner, described the whole situation on Facebook.

A group of people were eating lunch at one end of the balcony. The second group faced them from the beach and started throwing sun loungers and chairs at each other – quotes the owner of the Daily Mail.

Thompson adds that the police arrived quickly and ended the serious altercation. To her knowledge, no one was seriously injured.

Police are increasing patrols along the coast as the heat attracts more and more tourists to the city, according to a Daily Mail report behind the Facebook page Your Southend, which posted the shocking video.

“The people in the film acted recklessly, not caring about the injuries they might have caused to the families around them,” Chief Inspector Ian Hughes, Southend District Commander, said.

He added that they are currently working to identify the people who participated in the fighting.


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