A large explosion in an industrial area near Bristol, in the southwest of England. Several people were injured after the blast at the recycling plant – PAP reports, based on messages from the emergency services. British media reports on the many victims of the explosion.

A massive explosion near Bristol, UK. Eyewitnesses reported to British media that they heard the sound extremely loud ExplosionAfter that, buildings shook across the area.

At least 10 ambulances arrived at the scene. “Ten minutes later I saw the incoming helicopter and the police,” a witness told the BBC. Bristol Waste, which operates a recycling warehouse, closed the center.

United kingdom. Huge warehouse explosion. Media: There are many victims

The Independent has written about the many victims of a large explosion in an Avonmouth magazine. We read: “Firefighters, police and paramedics were called in to report an outbreak at King’s Weston Lane in Avonmouth at around 11.20 am.”

Firefighters confirmed “many casualties”. No other details were provided, according to The Independent. More information soon.


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