Next season in Liszno will be a period of testing new solutions and preparing for a return to the battle for medals, which will take place in the coming years. Union activists want to make the most of this time and focus on testing engines other than those used so far. Club representatives believe that thanks to this method they will be able to discover something that their competitors will not notice, and thus gain an advantage over them.

One of the team’s mysterious weapons next season is the collaboration with Peter Jones. The British tuner in recent years has gone beyond the sphere of interests of eminent players. Not only was his equipment very fast, but the process of shipping the engines to the UK and their service centers also became very complicated. Due to the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, each customer of this tuner has to go through a more complex procedure, and this deters competitors. Last year, only Jonas Jepsen raced his engines on a regular basis at the PGE Ekstraklasa.

However, in Leszno, they are based on a different assumption, because in their opinion the Johns crisis should end soon, and everyone hopes that thanks to the previous cooperation, the Briton will look at the residents of Leszno with a more positive eye if he returns to the top. Indeed, Johns had the worst times in the past, but he was always able to recover from the crisis stronger and recovered very quickly among the best players in the world.

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The biggest problem in recent seasons has been the lack of customers in continental Europe, which made it difficult for the engineer to gather engine data and the rest of the tuners ended up running away from him a bit. However, cooperation with Unia Leszno may be the beginning of better times. Not only will Johns get a cash injection, but he’ll also get plenty of room to show off. Let us remind you that union players will take part not only in the PGE Ekstraliga, but also in the Ekstriga U24, as well as in the Polish championship. So there will be a lot of driving, and each performance of his British customers will help draw conclusions and improve equipment.

However, it must be remembered that even in the union itself, Johns will have a lot of competition, because the club still intends to collaborate with Ashley Holloway, but also with Ryszard Kowalski, Joachim Kugelmann and of course with Flemming Graversen.