Casey McQuiston’s bestselling novel “Red, White & Royal Blue” will be shown on the big screen. The main roles will be played by Taylor Zachar Perez and Nicholas Galtzen. The President of the United States will be played by Uma Thurman!

“Red, White, and Royal Blue” – everything we know about the movie

The film is based on the bestselling Casey McQuiston, white, royal blue”. Since its launch in 2019, the book has been a huge hit, Tops bestseller lists The New York Times And the USA Today. Starring we will see Taylor Zachary Perez and Nicholas Galtzen. As recently announced, Uma Thurman will also play the President of the United States. “Red, White, Royal Blue” It is achieved by Prime Videos. Responsible for directing is Tony Award-winning playwright Matthew Lopez, who also wrote the script from a previous sketch for Ted Malawer. “red, white, royal blue” It will be his first full-fledged directing appearance. Lopez does not hide his joy that Uma Thurman will play one of the main roles in his movie.

I’m so happy that Uma will be joining us to play President Claremont. Her intelligence, warmth and sense of humor fit right in with this character. I can’t wait to get it.

In addition to the above-mentioned representatives, in “Red, white and royal blueIt stars Rachel Hilson, Clifton Collins Jr., Stephen Fry, Sarah Shahi, Elie Bamber, Anish Sheth, Paulo Maureen, Ahmed Al Hajj and Akshay Khanna.

“Red, White, Royal Blue” – what will the movie be about?

red, white, royal blue” It tells the story of Alex Claremont Diaz (performed by Perez), a young Mexican whose mother (Uma Thurman) recently won the presidential election, making Alex the face of the White House and the American equivalent of the royal family. In this new role, Alex has to take care of his image that comes to him naturally. However, the boy faces a serious problem: he is forced to befriend his English rival, Prince Henry (Galzin). While the two try to maintain their flawless image, in the end they form a bond that is bigger and deeper than either of them expected. Alex must keep his relationship with Prince Henry a secret so as not to spoil his mother’s chances of re-election.

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