Serhiy Brachuk, spokesman for the Odessa Regional Military Administration, published photos of the Russian machine. As he reported, the downed helicopter was a Mi-35MS. It is a unique Russian unit powered by a steering disc.

VIP unit. It costs about $36 million

Mi-35MS is a communications and control helicopter designed to transport VIPs. It was designed for the Russian military command. It is a modified version of the Mi-35M combat helicopter, but with some unique features.

As of January 2017, the Russian army was equipped with more than 120 Mi-35M helicopters, But only the machine that the Ukrainians shot down was the Mi-35MS. The cost of one of these helicopters in 2013 amounted to about 36 million dollars.

Big losses for the Russians

According to the estimates of the Ukrainian General Staff, the total losses of the Russian army until May 29 include, among others: about 30,350 soldiers (killed, wounded, captured), 1349 tanks, 3282 armored vehicles and 643 artillery systems.

The Russians also lost 205 multi-lead missile launchers. 93 air defense systems, 207 aircraft, 174 helicopters, 116 cruise missiles, 507 unmanned aerial vehicles, 13 watercraft.

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