“On April 6, anti-aircraft missile forces destroyed Three air targets: cruise missile, unmanned aerial vehicle and aircraft. According to preliminary data, it was a Su-34 bomber, “- this is stated in a press release.

Meanwhile, the striking groups of Ukrainian bombers and attack aircraft protected by fighters continued to fire at the attacking enemy forces.

Russian military commanders have not yet found a way to renew the status of personnel of units after the losses incurred in Ukraine, reports in turn General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine In a statement posted Thursday on Facebook.

“The command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is still looking for ways to solve the problem of replenishing human resources in its units. The Russian military commissariats have intensified cooperation with conscripts dismissed from military service after 2012, specialists in drivers and mechanics. – driver, scouts and junior commanders “- we read in Input.

“Official The reason for summoning the military renewal orders Undergo training related to a specific military specialty for a period of three months. Also in the so-called Ukrainian leadership in the Transnistrian Republic of Moldova, confirmed the implementation of agitation campaigns against people of Russian citizenship.

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