– The Luhansk Oblast is doing a great job – it is holding back an incredible barrage of the Russian army. Serhiy Haiday, head of the regional authorities, said that the Russians threw all their forces into the storming of Severodonetsk.

According to Hajjaj, Russian forces attack several sections of the front and constantly shoot at all localities in the area. “They threw all their forces into the storming of Severodonetsk and cutting off the Lyschansk-Bakhmut road,” he said. He added that the actions of the Russians are aimed at blocking evacuation routes and the delivery of humanitarian aid, as well as preventing the supply of arms to Ukrainian forces.

– I hope that now the Luhansk province will do a great job – preventing an incredibly large barrage of the Russian army so that our forces can get the long-awaited supply of weapons, especially long-range artillery – said Hajjaj.

Ukrainian soldiers near Lugansk. Photo from April 28Environmental Protection Agency / PAP

Hajjaj also spoke about the difficult situation at Sowierodonic Hospital. There are currently only three doctors and five nurses there. The Russians bombed the medical facility, and although it was badly damaged, 20 patients are still there. Medicines and food stocks will last for about 10 days. Twelve seriously injured people were evacuated from hospital on Friday.

Hajjaj also spoke of the Russians destroying an important bridge between Siewierodonieck and Lisiczański.

Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency / PAP