US leader Joe Biden has commented on Russia’s announcements of “restrictions on hostilities” in two regions of Ukraine. – we will see. I am not interpreting it in any way until I see what they are going to do or follow what they have said. He added that the United States would continue to impose sanctions on Russia and support Ukraine.

After Tuesday’s talks with Ukraine at Istanbul Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said that Russia has categorically decided to limit its military activities in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions In order to “increase mutual trust and create conditions for further negotiations.”

President United States of America Joe Biden He was asked after meeting with the Prime Minister Singapore Lee Hsien Loong for comment on Russian ads. – we will see. I am not interpreting it in any way until I see what they are going to do or follow what they have said.

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He added that the leaders expressed the same opinion Great BritainAnd the FranceAnd the German And the Italian During the conference call on Monday. And announced that the West will continue in the meantime Penalties against Russia and military support to Ukraine.

Singapore Prime Minister: Possible flashpoints

Russian aggression against Ukraine was one of the topics of the meeting between Joe Biden and Lee Hsien Loong. During the conference that followed the talks, Lee condemned the invasion and stated that it was also important to the countries in the region. to threaten China.

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“There are hot spots and potential conflicts that, if not managed properly, could escalate into open conflicts between countries,” the prime minister said. . added Singapore has joined the sanctions against Russia – Limiting the export of key technologies – because he was guided by the defense of “the fundamental principles of the survival and existence of Singapore as an independent and sovereign nation”.

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