Fake news in a nutshell

  • Mail On Facebook contains information about the alleged lack of registration of Ukraine’s border with the United Nations. This is mentioned in the declaration of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in 2014, in addition, according to the Budapest Memorandum, the borders of Ukraine will not exist as it is claimed.
  • The then Secretary-General of the United Nations Start The issue of border registration was not raised by Ukraine. On the other hand Budapest memo It contains a clause in which states declare recognition of the borders of Ukraine. Similar confirmation can also be found in others Treaties.

The ongoing invasion of Russia by the Russian forces brought about a real wave of disinformation behind it. In social media, we are constantly dealing with manipulated recordings and false reports (their list can be as well have found on our website). Among the different types of fake news, there are also such that question the legitimacy of the Ukrainian border.

As shown in fasting One Facebook user: “The UN Secretary-General stated that Ukraine has not submitted an application for border registration since 1991, and therefore the state of Ukraine does not exist. (…) According to the Budapest Memorandum and other agreements, Ukraine has no borders. The state of Ukraine does not exist (and has never existed!) “However, none of this information is true.

H3: The UN Secretary did not mention the registration of the Ukrainian border

at fasting We can read that the statement of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-moon It was delivered at the UN Security Council meeting on April 7. At the same time Archives Security Council meetings We will not find any information About the meeting that will take place that day.

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Just Meeting Ban Ki-moon has been linked to the Ukraine issue March 20 2014 R – Then the Secretary-General of the United Nations met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on purpose find a peaceful solution Crisis in Ukraine. at relationship from this meeting There was no mention of her About the Ukrainian border interrogation.

H3: No country has to register its borders with the United Nations

False reports that Ukraine’s borders are not registered have been online since 2014. That’s when the fact-checking portal looked at them StopFake.org. as They attendedAnd the unavailable Term like “registering the border with the United Nations”. Ukraine is officially recognized within the current borders de iure (according to law). Moreover, the land border between Ukraine and Russia has remained in place I believed by the parliaments of the two countries in 2004.

There was indeed an unresolved border dispute between Ukraine and Russia, but it concerned the question of maritime boundaries in the Sea of ​​Azov and the Kerch Strait, Where the border was not demarcated due to opposition from Russia. However, this does not change the fact that Russia itself recognized the Ukrainian state within the specified borders. This was violated in 2014, when Russia illegally annexed Crimea.

H3: The Budapest Memorandum affirmed Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders

The Budapest Memorandum was a document signed as a result of Ukraine’s accession to layout on the prohibition of the distribution of nuclear weapons. Signed in December 1994 document It is an affirmation of Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and borders:


Information regarding the non-registration of Ukraine’s borders with the United Nations is incorrect. Neither country is obligated to do so. In addition, both the Budapest Memorandum and other treaties confirm the existence of Ukraine’s borders. False content on this topic is a manifestation of anti-Ukrainian propaganda spread in the network, the purpose of which is to undermine not only the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but also the Ukrainian state itself.